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About Us


Hi there, I am Mel, creator of Iconic Flame. I am a Digital Designer that also found a passion for candle making. It all started as a hobby due to my interest in how handmade, high-quality natural products can be made from beginning to end, I also like to know what is in the products that I am purchasing and I hope my customers will feel the same way.
All the products sold by Iconic Flame use only the best natural, healthy ingredients and are all hand-poured. Since I started crafting candles and other goodies in my home I have not stopped since and I am still loving making high-quality products for my customers. We at Iconic Flame are excited each day to share our products with you.

I am proud to craft scented handmade goodies since 2019 and deliver them to all of New Zealand. What are you waiting for? Keep browsing and delight yourselves with Iconic Flame products and an amazing online shopping experience. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, special requests or feedback. 

ABOUT US: About Us
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