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It is our passion to promote wellness and empowerment through our candles

Hi there, 

I am so happy to see you here! Iconic Flame is a Female-Owned Candle Business created by Mel to promote a sense of wellness and empowerment through Natural Scented Candles, Unscented Candles, and Soy Melts.  We work with small handmade batches, and they are all hand-poured in Auckland - New Zealand, with love and care for less.

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Shaped Candles

At Iconic Flame, we believe that our lives can be more beautiful and a lot more fun with candles; candles that are cool, amazing, beautiful, different, witty and make your house or gifts look super awesome.

Container Candles

A range of candles made with natural Coco Soy wax and paired up with stunning scents with great heat throws are sure to fit your mood, and beautiful containers which can be reused after the candle is gone.

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Travel Candles

Coco soy candles travel tin candle is a great option for "on the go-home fragrance". Light, compact and portable, these candles will add a little extra luxury to your travel adventures.



We answered some questions for you that may be helpful, click the link below to see if any of your questions are in the bunch.

Candle Care

Find some tips, steps-by-steps and warnings for you to enjoy and take your Iconic Flame candle experience to the max.